Often the first stop on a circuit to the south, the Selous is a fantastic park and is a safari destination that is suitable for safari hands right through to first timers and the young. What it offers, that is truly unique in Africa, is the whole range….great game viewing (in particular elephant, wild dog, leopard, hippos and crocodiles), a range of accommodations from tented through to luxury lodges, and the full spread of safari activities, boating, walking and driving. Located just a short hop flight of around 30 mins from Dar es Salaam it is possible to arrive off an overnight flight and be in the bush within an hour or so.


Walking, boating, driving, fly camping

27,340 square miles

Miombo woodland, riverine, open grassland, mountainous

Elephant, wild dog, rhino, lion, zebra, giraffe, leopard, crocodiles, hippo, buffalo